SignalRadar: live trades to jump on


SignalRadar shows live trades being executed by various trading strategies.

The live trades are organized in tables.

This live trading table shows trades on forex and market indices. The Range indicates the current distance to the target and the stop.

When moving the mouse over the Range column, mini charts pop up. The mini charts show the evolution of the profit (loss) of the position.

This is a long position. The current profit is +0,07%. The target is just below +0,20%. The stop loss is just above -0,10%.

The live trades are also visible in the charts. You can see the entry point, the entry price, the stop loss and the profit target.

Free trading strategy in NanoTrader : Open Trade.
There are two dots. Two strategies have a live trade on this instrument. Click on a live trade to see the entry point, the profit target and the stop loss.

SignalRadar information...

  • Trades are shown in real-time.
  • Trades are visible in tables and charts.
  • Profit (loss) is visible in real-time.
  • Numerous strategies cover all markets.
  • A good trade can be replicated in one click.
  • Every trade has a profit target and a stop loss.
  • Tables from famous traders are available.

SignalRadar is available in NanoTrader Full, NanoTrader Free, as a web version and as an app.

The benefits for traders and active investors

The main SignalRadar benefits...

  • Find live trades which are doing well and jump on.
  • See for every market if strategies are long, short or flat.
  • Identify the main market trends easily.
  • Observe professional traders and strategies.
  • Trade based on logic, not on feeling.
  • Improve your trading skills.
  • Enjoy your trading.

SignalRadar is FREE and offers majors benefits to traders and active investors.

How to select trades


These are four examples of how you can find live trades to jump on:

1. Focus on one trading strategy. More than 10 strategies are available.

2. Focus on a combination of strategies. Look for instruments which are being traded by several strategies in the same direction, at the same time.

SignalRadar is not a robot nor copy trading.
Three strategies bought EUR/GBP. All three positions are profitable. Time to buy EUR/GBP?
SignalRadar shows the market consensus.
Several strategies have opened short positions on US market indices. Consider this if you are thinking of going long.

3. Focus on the big picture. Open many radar tables. When trades start popping up, you can see which instruments are being traded in which direction.

SignalRadar in NanoTrader.
This trader has six free radar tables open.

4. Focus on the result of the trade. Look for trades with a profit chart which moves consistently towards the profit target.

The SignalRadar app.
This position on the Dutch AEX index currently has a profit of +0,09% and seems to be going in the right direction. The trade still has a profit potential of +0,18%.

Available trading strategies tables

Table name Instruments Strategies in table Day trading Swing trading  
Chart Patterns Stocks 4 - Free
Fake Reversals Stocks 1 Free
Returns to Trend Indices, forex 3 Free
Synchro Indices, forex 5 - Free
Volatility Riders Forex 1 Free
Synchro Futures Indices, forex, commodities 6 Free
AS Morning Break Out Stocks 1 - Free
Expander Stocks, indices, forex 1 Store
WL 0800 Indices, forex 1 - Store
Markttechnik Stocks, indices, forex 1 Store
Turtle Trading Stocks, indices, commodities 1 - Free

In addition one radar table based on the MAD Rebound scalping strategy is available. Read the information below on scalping.

Available market monitor tables

Table name Instruments Topics Day trading Swing trading  
Mover and shakers Stocks, indices, forex and commodities Strong up and down Free
Moving averages Stocks, indices, forex and commodities Golden Cross, Death Cross.... Free

Getting the best out of SignalRadar

How do I open SignalRadar tables in the NanoTrader trading platform?

In NanoTrader Free and NanoTrader Full click on the big Synergy button. In the SignalRadar folder, double click on the tables to open them.

Opening SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.
The big Synergy button is located in the main menu at the top of the platform.

In NanoTrader Full you can also navigate via the WorkspaceBar. Open the SynergyTrading folder. In the SignalRadar folder, double click on the tables to open them.

Launching SignalRadar tables.
When a SignalRadar table is open, the icon changes to green.

How many SignalRadar tables can I open?

You can open as many tables as you want. As a matter of fact, it is a good idea to open many tables. It gives you a very good overview of what is happening in the market. When, for example, several strategies are buying the EUR/USD, it may be an idea to consider a EUR/USD trade.

Can I also see the trades in the NanoTrader charts?

Yes, the live trades are also visible in the charts. Click on the small Synergy icon to show the trades in the charts.

Synergy button.
Click the small Synergy icon above the charts.
Free trading strategy in SignalRadar: Open Trade.

Two dots means two strategies have an open position. Green indicates a long position. Red would indicate a short sell position.

The price level of a dot corresponds to the entry price.

The vertical bars indicate the candles in which the positions were opened.

Free trading signals in SignalRadar.
Click on a position to see the current profit target and stop loss.
SignalRadar live trading tool.
This trader displays the strategy together with the SignalRadar positions.

How do I link a SignalRadar table and a chart?

Open a SignalRadar table. Open a chart (use the big "New Chart" button at the top). The top right of the table and the chart shows the intersecting circles icon. Click the icon and select the same colour for the table and the chart.

Click on any instrument in the table and the chart will change automatically.

SignalRadar live trades visible in the chart.
Click these icons and select an identical colour to link table and chart.

Tip: a chart can be linked to more than one table. This is very space-efficient if you have many tables open.

Why are excellent scalping strategies not available as SignalRadar tables?

Winning trades based on scalping strategies only last a few minutes or less. There is no time to jump on such trades. Losing positions remain open much longer. This gives the casual observer an unwarranted false impression.

For illustrative purposes a table based on the MAD Rebound scalping strategy is available in the SignalRadar.

Scalping trading strategies.
The trades and the results of the MAD Rebound strategy over the last four weeks.

How do I open a position via the SignalRadar tables?

To open a position, right-click the instrument you want to trade in the table. Select Buy (Signal) or Sell (Signal). Select an account. The order ticket appears. Enter an order quantity. Place the order.

SignalRadar: placing an order in one click.
Jump on trades by right-clicking them in the SignalRadar table.

How do I open a position AND place the target and stop loss orders given by the strategy?

Follow the steps described in the previous question. In the order ticket select "Add contingent orders". The order ticket proposes a profit target and a stop loss order which correspond to the strategy's current target and stop. Once your position is open, these orders will be activated automatically. If one order is executed, the other will be cancelled.

SignalRadar: an order with the profit target and stop loss included.
Select "Add Contingent Orders" in the order ticket. The platform automatically places a profit target and stop loss order on the current levels indicated by the strategy.

Important: If the strategy changes the stop or the target and you want the same stop or target, you can grab your orders by the little arrows in the chart and slide them to the new price level. NanoTrader Full users can also automate this.

Important: Some strategies close their positions at the end of the day. The time is indicated in the "Flat" columns on the information page. By clicking the 'Exit' button in the chart you close your position and can cancel all working orders on the position in one click.

Can I show my trades in SignalRadar?

Yes, third parties can publish in SignalRadar. The table can be offered for free or sold via the store. Contact us if you have questions.