Trade like René Wolfram

Trade like René Wolfram

Trading strategies

Rene Wolfram manages the Realmoneytrader project and came third in the Robbins trading world championship. In the WH SelfInvest trading store Rene writes “Break-out strategies are a main source of profit“.

Rene Wolfram puts two of his personal trading indicators, WolVol and nBars, at our clients’ disposal. Tip: practice the way Rene Wolfram trades by using the free permanent demo account each client gets.


WH SelfInvest regularly organizes both free and paying trading seminars and webinars with Rene Wolfram.

This video is an example of a joint seminar.

Client proposals

Clients can propose tools and indicators. WH SelfInvest will program these client proposals.

Discount + Archive

Clients have exclusive access to our video archive. Several videos feature Rene Wolfram. WH SelfInvest clients receive discounts on the services Rene Wolfram offers.